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Mediant 2600 -ESBC
Mã sản phẩm: 2600
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The AudioCodes Mediant 2600 Session Border Controller
(SBC) is a mid-range capacity member of AudioCodes’ fieldproven
hardware-based SBC product family, designed to offer
enterprises a reliable and scalable SBC solution. The Mediant
2600 SBC supports wide-ranging SIP interoperability,
delivering service assurance and enabling scalable, reliable
and secured connectivity between different VoIP networks.
The Mediant 2600 SBC provides a perfect solution for
enterprises and large organizations such as contact centers,
where security, reliability and high performance are critical.
Extensive Mediation Capabilities and Proven
The Mediant 2600 SBC includes comprehensive media
security and SIP normalization capabilities. It offers full
interoperability with an extensive list of IP-PBXs, unified
communications solutions and SIP trunking provider networks.
The Mediant 2600 SBC provides robust protection for the IP
communications infrastructure, preventing fraud and service
theft and guarding against cyber-attacks and other serviceimpacting
The Mediant 2600 SBC offers active/standby high availability
and maintains high voice quality to deliver reliable enterprise
VoIP communications. Advanced call routing mechanisms,
network voice quality monitoring and branch survivability
capabilities result in minimum communications downtime.
• SIP trunking
• Hosted PBX & UC as a Service
• IP contact centers
• Remote and mobile worker support
• SIP mediation between UC and IP-PBX systems
• Residential VoIP

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